My approach to leading over the years has been pretty simple. Susan and I do our best to discern the story God is writing and then step into His story, trusting Him by faith to open every door and provide what is needed. Our experience is that His story was always far larger than the one we would have written for ourselves. To lead God’s people into His story has been the greatest privilege of our lives. The stories of God’s transforming power continue to amaze us.

We know that the family of Peoples Church has been through a very difficult season with the loss of its long term pastor and shepherd. However, this current season at Peoples Church is a season of expectation as well as reaping, as you have sown so much over the last decades. While we have done our best to step into God’s story, doing so has always involved people who were willing to take that step with us. How grateful we are for all of you who have done that in this unlikely time as God began a powerful new chapter for Peoples Church. The last six months since we have arrived has been a season of God “breaking out” in a powerful way. The fruit of this season of “His presence and glory” is all around us.

We are preparing in our hearts for existing ministries at Peoples Church to multiply in size and scope and many new ministries to begin as we serve those the Lord is bringing our way in increasing numbers.  None of this would have been possible or will be possible as we embrace our future of continuing to step into the story God is writing without people like you. By your praying, serving and giving, you birth everything of God’s intent. For that, Susan and I are extremely grateful.

We are fast approaching the end of the year, and year-end giving is very important to have the resources to provide for the important practical needs of the church building. I believe people who are growing in their faith and relationship with the Lord have an open heart and hand in investing their resources in God’s kingdom. It is the only enduring investment there is. Every “WIN” in the advance of God’s kingdom has eternal ramifications.

Thank you for expressing the heart of God with your extravagant generosity in giving to make every ministry at Peoples Church possible. What an exciting season to be involved in the story God is writing here at Peoples. Thank you for stepping into this amazing “God” story.
Please, prayerfully, make the most generous year-end gift that you can. There are a number of ways to give.

Please take a moment to consider the following…

  • Give Online
  • Check/Cash in the Sunday or Wednesday service
  • Mail to: Peoples Church | 6801 E Mill Plain Blvd | Vancouver, WA 98664

We can’t wait to see what God has in mind for 2023. I am sure it will amaze us. Thanks again.

Financial gifts need to be given or postmarked by December 31st to appear on your giving statement.
Gary Gelnette
Peoples Church